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Welcome to my website, feel free to look around and tell me if you find anything amiss! It's still a work in progress so there may be some broken links!

Candle UPDATES Candle

12/02/2022 - Updated commission info pages
10/01/2022 (?) - Updated index and info pages with new layout, deleted the art page (because it's honestly tiring for me to update like that using HTML.
05/09/2021 - Deleted the pillowfort button of the index page because I'm not using it at all (maybe one day). Added finally the Art page (no art for now). I put a new button the neighbors page!!
15/08/2021 - Forgot to write here that I added the "neighbors" page several days ago. LOL
15/07/2021 - "Mortyzone" and "Books" page created.
12/07/2021 - "Updates" page created, finally, and updated the rest of the website with the new layout. (Update again: I actually lied to myself because there was some pages left, now it's actually updated, I'm so tired, It's 2 AM)

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