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Welcome to my little personal website, you'll find a lot of random things... and bats. This website is mostly for my own amusement, I used to have a blog on blogger back in the day and I was missing how fun and how more personal it was! I was just a teeny little pup on the Geocities days so it's nice that this kind of comunity is still active! Feel free to contact me if you find anything amiss! I'm not an HTML expert...

Morty the bat saying sup

I'm Morty, I'm 23 years old, I use She/Her pronouns. I'm a light-skinned mixed brazillian cartoonist and graphic designer living on stolen Guarani land. I love drawing cartoons and funny animals. Bats are my favorite mammals, dragons are my favorite lizards and birds are my favorite dinosaurs. Linux user since November 2020 and open-source/free software enthusiast. English isn't my main language so sorry for any mistakes!

Censor bat, +16 Rating

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