For commissions inquiries, you can contact me at my e-mail, my telegram: @mortigem or matrix:;

I can draw: Original characters, fanart, humans, animals, furry/anthro, monsters, simple robots and mechas, simple armor;
I can't draw: NSFW, fetiches, violence, abusive content, hateful content;


1. The form of payment is only on Paypal or Ko-fi, and the currency is American Dollar (USD) or Brazilian Real (BRL) only. The prices on this page are in USD.
2. I will only start working on your art when you pay me upfront.
3. It's necessary at least one colored image as reference of your character.
4. The artwork is for personal use only. You cannot sell my art or use it to promote your brand.
5. Keep my signature on reposts, or, if it's not possible, reference my user handle on another visible place.
6. You will receive four good PNG resolution pictures with some background and signature variations each, in the case of the Vector Drawing you will also receive the .SGV file to manipulate the size for your needs.

Click on the pictures for bigger resolution!


STYLE 1 - Black lineart

Cat girl making the peace sign.

Avatar: $10

(+1 character $3)

Full body: $15

(+1 character $5)

STYLE 2 - Crayon

Purple dragon.

Avatar: $15

(+1 character $5)

Full body: $20

(+1 character $10)

STYLE 3 - Vector Art

Red dragon.

Avatar: $20

(+1 character $8)

Full body: $25

(+1 character $12)

STYLE 4 - Pixel Art

Bat saying hi Purple dragon waving hand.

Full body: $12

(+1 character $6)


I can make your commission in another style if you want as long I have done it before! Just contact me and I'll calculate the prices for you!
I'm also up to designing a character for you, just sent me your ideas and I'll calculate the rates.