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For commissions inquiries, you contact me at my e-mail or my telegram: @mortigem

I can draw: Original characters, fanart of franchises that I know, humans, animals, furry/anthro, monsters, simple robots and mechas, simple armour;
I can't draw: NSFW, fetiches, violence, abusive content, hateful content;


1. The form of payment is only on Paypal or Ko-fi, and the currency is American Dollar (USD) or Brazilian Real (BRL) only.
2. I will only start working on your art when you pay me upfront.
3. It's necessary at least one colored image as reference of your character.
4. The artwork is for personal use only.
5. Keep my signature on reposts.

Click on the pictures for bigger resolution!


Purple dragon with cookies Cat girl smiling

Style 1 - Flat lineart with or without black shadows
★Avatar/Half Body: $10 (+1 character $3)
★Full-body: $15 (+1 character $5)

Purple cat Happy duck

Style 2 - Lineless crayon with shadows
★Avatar: $15 (+1 character $5)
★Full body: $20 (+1 character $10)

I can also make a character for you! I'll do a reference sheet with 2 full body drawings and 3 expressions! $25~$100 depending on the complexity!

I can make in your commission in another style if you want as long I have done it before! Just contact me and I'll calculate the prices for you!

See all my commissions past 2021 here!