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hamsterreading books I used to ready so many books when I was a teen. I could read 100 pages per day so fast, but then I stopped reading and now I struggle to even read 20 pages. I want to turn things around and start enjoying reading again! I'm starting this page with the books I've read this year (2021), with a little review of them.

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The Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels) - It's very simple and easy to follow, as a text of this kind should be, it just stratches on the surface of the subject, it was originally just a pamphlet after all! A very well done one.

Discourse on Colonialism (Aimé Césaire) - A lot of insight about how evil colonialism is. I cried reading this book.

Heaven Official's Blessing (Mo Xiang Tong Xiu) (All 5 Books and Extras) - An adventure, mystery and romance novel between a disgraceful god and a ghost king. Yeah like the fans says, LOVE WINS. I really liked to read it, being my introduction of the "Danmei" genre of chinese gay books. I really loved the high action and emotional scenes the most, and the romance was sweet and truly beautiful. But there was some unecessary gross things that wasn't needed for the plot at all... also the obviously racist stereotypes. If you brush off those things you will probably enjoy it more, but please don't do it. I really love most of the characters and the ending was great. About the extras, I truly only liked 3 of the 5 stories.

Curso livre Marx-Engels: A criação destruidora (José Paulo Netto) - Started my political reading with this book that contains the fundamentals of marxist theories. As someone who hasn't read anything else about politics, this was super accessible, especially the added context about the life of Marx and Engel, historical events and also relating to the world today. I really liked it!

Dom Casmurro (Machado de Assis) - Ah, the infamous book of the unreliable narrator. I read it as a teen but I didn't remember half of it, I didn't remenber at all how evil Bentinho actually is!! A brilliant story about jealously. Obviously, Capitú didn't cheat on him.