Pixel art of a cartoon bat saying

I'm Morty, I'm 21 years old, I use She/Her pronouns. I'm a light-skinned mixed brazillian cartoonist and graphic designer living on stolen Guarani land. I love drawing cartoons and funny animals. Bats are my favorite mammals, dragons are my favorite lizards and birds are my favorite dinosaurs. Linux user since November 2020 and open-source/free software enthusiast. I started putting image descriptions in my cartoons in october 2020, If there's something wrong with my descriptions let me know! I want to be the most accessible I can. English isn't my main language so sorry for any mistakes!
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Software I use: Krita, Inkscape, Aseprite & Blender.


The fonts used on the website are Liberation Mono and Intuitive found on the Font Library Website. HTML resources at W3school.