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Mage Skelleton with their staffWelcome to my humble badly coded website! This place is mix of my art, characters, other personal projects, random stuff I like and also to distract myself to the current era of social media. Hope you enjoy your stay! Let me know if you find any bugs. A vampire bat and a skeleton protect this blog for me! You may find them around.


Reading: Go Team Venture!, Female General Eldest Princess, Delicious in Dungeon, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Gal and Dino, All Saints Street;
Watching: Danger Mouse (reboot), Twin Peaks, Jellystone!, Shiroi Suna no Aquatope, (rewatching) Tiger & Bunny;
Listening to: Samba!! Forever!!

I Love Night Blinkie I gaze at stars Blinkie I dont nead no speel cheker Blinkie Bad spellers of the world UNTIE Blinkie I Love Purple Blinkie Bats Tonight Blinkie Toadly Awesome Blinkie Sometimes I just want to scream Blinkie

What's up? I'm BATS TONIGHT a.k.a. Mortigem (She/her), but you can call me Morty! I'm 21 years old, mixed brown cartoonist and graphic designer from the stolen indigenous land known as Brazil. I love drawing cartoons and funny animals. Bats are my favorite mammals, dragons are my favorite lizards and birds are my favorite dinosaurs. Linux user since November 2020 and open-source/free software enthusiast.
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I started putting image descriptions in my cartoons in october 2020, If there's something wrong with my descriptions let me know! I want to be the most accessible I can. English isn't my main language so sorry for any mistakes!

Tools I use: Krita, Aseprite and Blender.
Experience in: Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Fire Alpaca, Cinema 4D.

Content Warning for my creations: Sometimes I draw insects and other invertebrates, mild cartoon violence/blood and suggestive themes. Nothing over-the-top.